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Paradise in the jungle


Nature Lives Here

Orinoco Delta Lodge is a jungle lodge in northeastern Venezuela, at the limits of the incredible Delta Del Orinoco national park.

We offer travelers from around the world the opportunity to experience one of the natural wonders of South America: the majestic Orinoco River and its incredible Delta, home to one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world and land of the ancient Warao indigenous tribe. This unmatched location, with its rich culture and vibrant nature, offers a unique setting for a great adventure. 


A journey you will never forget

Enter the wonderful world of the Delta navigating through its waters between incredible landscapes. Orinoco Delta Lodge offers two or three night travel packages with accommodation in the jungle and a variety of included activities.


During our tours and excursions you will be accompanied by our native guides who will show you the wonderful  flora, fauna and culture of the region. You will wake up every day with the song of countless birds and say goodbye every afternoon in front of a mesmerizing sunset in the company of river dolphins. If this sounds like a dream come true, you are in the right place!

The perfect balance

 The rustic yet comfortable style, the architecture inspired by indigenous Warao culture, the virgin jungle, the delicious cuisine, and lofty accommodations come together to offer an experience like no other. 


Exhuberant natural beauty

The Orinoco Delta is an intricate and vast labyrinth of rivers that carry the waters of the Orinoco River to the Atlantic Ocean and intertwine within a tropical jungle. Discover this wonderful world in remote Eastern Venezuela.


31 years of experience

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Valentina Quintero

"It is evident that they understand perfectly what we aspire to find in a trip of this nature. This landscape of the river, canoes and animals touches your soul ... They were generous and attentive with us and we thank them for this experience forever. We really enjoyed every minute of it and since arriving here we have been fascinated by the journey. The scenery in insurmountable and we are all proud. I know we will do the honors to the Delta. Receive a big hug and thank you again for every second spent by your side. "


Elizabeth Kline

"Without a doubt, the best food I have eaten in any lodge in Venezuela, and even among most restaurants. A wide variety of menus that are by no means the routine seen in most lodges. Steak with a delicious wine sauce, sweet and sour chicken ... always with a different salad and veggies, or maybe sauteed potatoes with onions ... and freshly baked hot bread, addictive with every meal. Kudos to them for realizing the the importance of visually appealing, varied and tasty meals, even at jungle lodge! "

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